[Scons-dev] SCons 3.0.0 release

Bill Deegan bill at baddogconsulting.com
Mon Sep 18 16:48:09 EDT 2017

                   SCons - a software construction tool

                              Release Notes

This is SCons, a tool for building software (and other files).  SCons is
implemented in Python, and its "configuration files" are actually Python
scripts, allowing you to use the full power of a real scripting language
to solve build problems.  You do not, however, need to know Python to
use SCons effectively.

Please go to http://scons.org/pages/download.html to get the latest
release of SCons.

If you have current pip and virtualenv versions, you can install scons into
a virtualenv using:
pip install scons
(For the time being installing outside a virtualenv via pip may fail as we
have some oustanding issues related to such installs.)

So that everyone using SCons can help each other learn how to use it more
effectively, please go to http://scons.org/lists.html#users to sign up for
the scons-users mailing list.

RELEASE 3.0.0 - Mon, 18 Sep 2017 08:32:04 -0700

  Please consult the RELEASE.txt file for a summary of changes since the
  release and consult the CHANGES.txt file for complete a list of changes
  since last release.  This announcement highlights only the important
    Please note the following important changes since release 2.5.1:

       This is the initial release supporting both python 3.5+ and 2.7.x
and pypy
       There are some important changes:

       - Any print statements must now use python 3 syntax of "print()"
       - All node content should be in bytes. This is the default in python
         in Python 3 all strings are by default unicode. byte and/or
         should be used if you construct content for return by a custom
node type's
         get_content() method.
       - There are some (as yet unresolved issue) using Literal()'s in some
context with
         Python 3
       - pypy should be supported, please report any issues to the user's
mailing list.
       - Currently if you switch back and forth between python 2.7.x and
3.5+ you will
         need to remove your sconsign file.  This should be resolves
shortly, but
         regardless switching between python 2.7.x and 3.5+ will not use
         sconsigns and as such incremental builds should be expected to
         anything changed since the previous scons run with the same
version of python.
       - It is likely that migrating from 2.5.1 -> 3.0.0 alpha will cause
rebuilds due
         to the significant number of changes in the codebase.

       - Removed deprecated tools CVS, Perforce, BitKeeper, RCS, SCCS,
       - Removed deprecated module SCons.Sig
       - See CHANGES.txt for more details on other changes
       - 3.0.0 should be slightly faster than 2.5.1.  Changes yielded a 15%
speed up for
         null incremental builds.
       - Updated D language scanner support to latest: 2.071.1.
       - python -m SCons should now run SCons if it's installed PYTHONPATH
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